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Jan and John Haigis  are singer, songwriter, historian, poet, storytellers who call our genre "New Ageless." In addition to voice overs, we write sing, perform, and create as Past Times Present.  We write new words to old music as in our Groundhog Day Carolsnew music to old words as in the Childs Garden of Songand write and perform new and used Words and music  for any occasion.

           Our home studio is basic; a Blue Yeti microphone with Audacity and Izotope software 


John has been speaking into microphones since the age of six when he sat on his broadcaster father's lap and announced "We will now play the Cherubic Hymn." Jan has been singing all of her life and would sit in her back yard and sing harmony with her siblings, helping her mom with crowd control.  We met contradancing (New England line dancing described at the "most fun one can have with their clothes on. Jan had been dating scientists and engineers when we first met, and on our first date, I recited "The Cremation of Sam McGee AND the Shooting of Dan McGrew,  We married in 1984, there was music, ice cream, and magic at the wedding.

We have a sign in our kitchen that says "Marriages are made in is thunder and lightening." 


We feel our mission is to communicate, innovate, and co-create  


Purity of tone, with a bit of wit
Give us a listen,
You'll like us quite a bit 

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