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To the tune of Winter Wonderland
        (Be sure sound is on)
Covid virus needs resistance
Wear a mask, social distance
Or the virus they say
Will mutate and stay
Spreading in pandemic freedom land

When it started we were fearing
Something bad was now appearing
We were told “stay inside”
While many folks died
Virus spread in pandemic freedom land

In early 2020 we had warning
An airborne virus was killing lots of folks
Some places like Taiwan then started testing
While in the states Don Trump called it a hoax

Later on while deaths were rising
It was sad, but not surprising
Some said wearing a mask
Was a tyrannical task
Spread the virus through pandemic freedom land

Some said masks, infringed  their freedom
Then the ERs had to treat ’em
They refused the vaccine
Which was worse than obscene
Spread the virus in pandemic freedom land

Delta and Omicron are mutations
That is simply how viruses spread and thrive
Spread by folks who don’t even know they have it
800 thousand wish they were alive

So wear masks and social distance
Care for others, show resistance
Please get your views
Somewhere else than Fox News
And stop the spread  

through Pandemic Freedom Land.

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