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The Megalethoscope is an optical Instrument invented in the 19th Century by Carol Ponti of Naples. The name literally means "To see truth as large" and when people look inside, they literally say, "Wow!"

The Megalethoscope is a 19th century version of the viewmaster viewer Invented by photographer Carlos Ponti. The name is derived from the Greek and signifies that it makes reality appear large and is only an improved form of the Alethscope by the same inventor. The improvements upon the older form allow the pictures to be considerably magnified, whilst they stand out in bolder relief without exaggeration; the defects of sphericity or refrangibility are reduced it to a minimum; the clearness is increased, and the views throughout their extension so framed as to not admit of the eye dwelling on the margin at the cost of the stereoscopic affect. Jan and I do musical programs with the Megalethoscope. Call us for details

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